How to Succeed In B2B Ecommerce?

Gone are the days when pen and paper were used for traditional order-taking system. Now, we have B2B ecommerce platforms that streamline the whole order-taking process, and help businesses increase their sales.

Let’s have a look at the best b2b ecommerce practices and how they can be used to win customers for today and in the future.

How to Define the Best B2B Platforms?

When it comes to the best B2B platforms, it is all about the best features, design, and its service. The typical list of must-have features of B2B ecommerce solution is:


The phenomenon of personalization isn’t about spying on each move online. Instead, b2b platform can collect data of users – what site they visited, and use it to retarget with something they really want. That’s the concept of personalization. It is one of the b2b ecommerce best practices that companies can apply to deliver tailored messages to audience and increase conversion. However, many marketers admit they are not effective at it.

Transparent Pricing

In the past, customers of b2b world had no idea or information. But, then the internet happened and now customers know more than salespeople do. The most reported reason for repeat purchases is ‘transparency in pricing’. So, in order to achieve this, b2b wholesale platforms should be able to produce a reliable and transparent price. For this reason, Shopify b2b platform- Shopify Plus offers Shopify scripts, draft orders, and wholesale channel to accomplish automated pricing optimization.

Interactive Content

Detailed and long product specs are not persuasive. Customers don’t like to read long lectures and notes. Most of the B2B marketers prefer interactive content to make it more enjoyable.  It also helps improve customer experience and provide them with answers in few seconds. In addition, many types of interactive content are reported to influence buying decisions the most.

Buyer Convenience

B2B sales have been more complicated than the average sales of B2C. The B2B world more works on principle of more purchasing power to buyer. And the key is to earn through repeat purchases. But, how it is possible? Well, it can be done by educating them, recalling them and reinforcing them your values. Assure your customers that you understand their needs very well. Make it favorable for them to choose you over again and again.


Theoretically, all sounds good. Main thing is execution. Try to apply the best B2B ecommerce practices for today, and into the future.


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