Key Features of a Quality E-commerce Platform

What comes to your mind when we say “E-commerce”? Amazon? eBay? An online store that sells product s directly to consumers? For years, E-commerce platforms were associated mainly with B2C companies. There is no denying the role of B2C in the growth of E-commerce platforms.

However, since the inception of E-commerce platforms, top b2b platforms have also sprung up. A b2b wholesale platform is now considered to be the next big thing for the b2b industry.

What is B2B platform?

A b2b Ecommerce solution is an online platform that allows customers and the company to conduct transactions online. It also allows clients the chance to view prices and gain information about the products without requiring the help of sales personnel.

While there are various b2b platform examples in the market, Shopify b2b continues to be the best one. Another quality options include Magneto, IBM, and NetSuite. To know which the best is for you, you must conduct a b2b ecommerce platform comparison.

Why invest in b2b platforms?

Why would b2b companies require eCommerce in the first place? Well, let’s just say that the wholesale clients are quite crucial as well. While they might be customers for b2b, they are also a seller of the b2c system. Hence, the more convenient sales transactions are for them, the more efficient they will be.

Not to mention that they are just like any other consumer of today. Today’s consumers are known as online shoppers. They prefer digital platforms over sales pitches. Hence, investing in a b2b platform ensures that you are able to satisfy such client.

Critical Functions to look for

When conducting an E-commerce platform comparison, here are some features you should look out for.


Unlike B2C companies that deal with individual customers, b2b companies deal with groups. Bulk buying is central to b2b transactions. This is why you need a platform that can segment different groups of your clients so that you can satisfy the needs of each of them.

Customer Specific Pricing

Dynamic pricing is very important to b2b companies. This helps in building customer relationships and ensuring that the given customers would stay with you in the long run. B2C customers are provided with consistent pricing. Since b2b customers thrive at varying prices, looking for a platform that delivers it is a must.


Choose a quality E-commerce platform. Make sure it has the right features.


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