Top 4 B2B E-Commerce Trends to Consider In 2018

Online buying is becoming the new normal for businesses. For proof, it can be better seen with launch of B2B platform Amazon business by Amazon in 2015. This shows that B2B sector is capturing more attention and customers.

Here are few thoughts on how B2B sector will evolve in 2018.

More Millennial Purchasers

As per Google report, about half of B2B buyers are millennial. They are young, sophisticated and tech-savvy. Young buyers expect B2B ecommerce solution to provide ease-of-use, 24/7 ecommerce availability, intuitive and self-service interface. Millennial also want things to be more mobile and online. They prefer to read online reviews before purchasing. So, be mindful about keeping reviews and testimonials online. Thus, all B2B businesses need to transform digitally and embrace the concern of growing visibility of millennial buyers.

Mobile B2B Ecommerce

While younger generations are more becoming B2B decision-makers and mobile usage has been climbing for last few years. It is no hard to say that mobile ecommerce is here to stay longer as a growing B2B ecommerce trend for years to come. Buyers have come to expect the same mobile convenience from professional purchases as they have accustomed to reserve their rides on Uber and buy online gifts from Amazon. Thus, businesses who want to succeed in B2B ecommerce should need to choose mobile-optimized B2B wholesale platform to deliver a better mobile commerce experience.

Personalization is the key

Remember that buyers want a red carpet treatment. They want ads content especially created for them. Since B2B businesses tend to be more complex, due to many product lines and large product catalogs they offer. For this, individualization can significantly influence their online revenues. One of the best ways to deliver customization is choosing a B2B ecommerce solution that can offer customized and dynamic pricing. Other best way to incorporate customization is to show a live demo so the clients know how to use software for their business.

Multi-Channel Selling

It is an effective way to sell products or services across various different platforms. More businesses now rely on advanced social media tools that helps manage to sell not on their main site but also on additional platforms like Facebook and Twitter. B2B businesses require finding a B2B wholesale platform like Shopify Plus that allows them to track customer history more in detail throughout all multiple channels and helps them sell more aggressively. The B2B ecommerce solution should also access results and points out to which platform is more suitable to invest more time and money on.


Businesses that want to win in 2018 and beyond need to include these top B2B ecommerce trends for personalized customer experience.


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